AI-Created Ads Increase Brand Favorability, Awareness, & Purchase Intent in Intel Campaign

A new research commissioned by Instreamatic, which enables the swift creation and delivery of AI-powered audio and video ads, shows that AI-generated ads increase brand favorability among those exposed to the messages compared to a control group that was not exposed to any ads.

The third-party study analyzed the performance of both generic and personalized AI-generated audio ads compared to a control group exposed to neither. The experiment was performed by audio research and analytics platform Veritonic on a campaign run by dentsu for Intel.

Ads for the Intel Evo Edition laptop were inserted into streaming radio and podcast listening environments, and the same audience hearing those ads was recontacted and surveyed 48 hours later to measure key brand metrics: purchase intent, brand favorability, and brand awareness.

Generic Ad Results

Personalized Ad Results

While generic AI-generated creative boosted brand favorability by 9% over those not exposed to the campaign, personalized AI-generated ads across all platforms drove significant brand favorability lifts as high as 22%. Additionally, 62% of those exposed to personalized ads reported they were likelier to think favorably of a brand that personalizes ads.

Personalized ads boosted purchase intent by 15-18%, compared to a 3% increase for the generic AI-created ads. The findings reveal that 60% of those exposed to the personalized AI campaign reported being more likely to consider purchasing from a brand offering personalized ads.

Brand awareness increased by 6-12% for those targeted with personalized ads, while 73% of those hearing personalized AI-generated ads reported being more likely to pay attention to ads personalized just for them.

According to Instreamatic, a single traditional audio campaign creative would require extensive studio costs and 4-6 weeks to produce. The company’s platform can prepare that same ad in three minutes and can prepare entire ready-to-launch campaigns in just hours.

“This experiment confirms that audiences are much more receptive to engagement efforts—including those built intelligently and respectfully with AI—that value them as individuals and speak to their specific lives and needs. We’re proud of our work with Intel and dentsu and look forward to enabling more brands to usher in this new era of more personal and effective audio advertising.”
— Instreamatic CEO Stas Tushinskiy

“Brands today are continuously challenged to cut through the noise across a wealth of platforms. By creating personalized, relevant ads, their message will not only reach but resonate with their target audiences, contributing to an increase in meaningful brand awareness and engagement.”
— Veritonic CEO and Founder Scott Simonelli

“The top-line takeaway from this audio ad campaign research is that AI-generated ads work—and personalized AI-generated ads work even better. With dentsu, we quickly launched an audio ad campaign with unique personalization that captured more attention—and favorable attention—from our target audience. The time and cost efficiencies producing this campaign were also key since we can create, deploy, and iterate personalized AI-generated ads without recording multiple ad versions.”
— Carolyn Henry, Intel Vice President Americas Regional Marketing

The significance of this goes beyond numbers. It proves that AI-generated ad creatives are not a distant future, but a present reality. This technology makes personalized advertising accessible and affordable, marking the end of high costs and long production times.

With Instreamatic’s AI-powered Contextual Ads platform, brands can now deploy personalized campaigns swiftly and efficiently — allowing creative teams to focus on what they do best: crafting compelling content.

Intel’s campaign is a testament to the power of AI in advertising, demonstrating ads that are not just heard but genuinely experienced. AI-generated ads are setting a new standard for engaging consumers, optimizing ROI, and improving the creative workflow for brands.

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