Top Trends in Video Advertising 2024

As the digital landscape evolves, video advertising continues to adapt, presenting major trends that redefine how brands engage with their audience. In 2024, companies leverage technology to create more personalized, interactive, and impactful advertising experiences. In this article, we explore key trends and highlight the companies that are at the forefront of each innovation.

1. Interactive and Shoppable Video Ads

Interactive and shoppable video ads transform passive viewers into active participants. These ads allow users to interact with the content through embedded links and even make purchases directly from the video.

Leading Company: YouTube

YouTube has been instrumental in popularizing interactive and shoppable ads with its TrueView and other shoppable ad formats. By allowing viewers to click directly on products featured in videos and purchase them without leaving the platform, YouTube enhances the user experience and provides advertisers with a powerful tool to convert interest directly into sales.

2. Contextual Video Ads

Contextual advertising employs AI to generate and serve multiple ads with personalization parameters that resonate with particular audiences. This approach ensures that ads are both non-intrusive and highly relevant to the viewer’s current interests. As regulations like GDPR and CCPA intensify the focus on consumer privacy, contextual advertising offers a compliant and effective alternative that enhances engagement without relying on personal data, making it a strategic choice for advertisers aiming to maximize relevance and viewer receptivity in a privacy-conscious world.

Leading Company: Instreamatic

Instreamatic excels in contextual advertising by taking a pre-approved video asset and applying AI to develop a range of new ad concepts. This approach allows for multiple levels of customization, ensuring that each ad is not only tailored to the content it accompanies but also to the specific audience watching.

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3. Silent videos

The increase in silent video consumption reflects changing viewer habits, where over 90% of people regularly watch videos without sound. This trend emphasizes the importance of captions, which aid comprehension and retention of information regardless of the audio setting.

Leading Company: Clipchamp

Clipchamp is a company enabling subtitling features that cater to advertisers looking to enhance their silent videos. Clipchamp’s platform allows users to easily add captions, ensuring videos are accessible and engaging even without sound. This capability is vital for reaching a wider audience, particularly in sound-sensitive environments or for those who rely on visual aids for comprehension.

4. Interactive Videos

Taking interactivity a step further, interactive videos involve the viewer by allowing them to influence the video content itself. This could be through choosing the plot direction, interacting with elements within the video, or engaging in real-time with branched storytelling.

Leading Company: Wirewax

Wirewax is a leader in providing interactive video technology that enables brands to create highly engaging and customizable viewer experiences. Their platform supports a range of interactive options, from hotspots to branching, making videos more engaging and potentially increasing viewer investment and time spent with the brand.

5. CTV and OTT Advertising: Adapting to New Viewing Habits

As traditional TV advertising declines—evidenced by a 40% drop in paid television households over the past decade—viewers are increasingly turning to Over-the-Top services like YouTube TV and Hulu, and using Connected TV devices from Chromecasts to smart TVs. This shift demands a refined advertising strategy that emphasizes sound, strong branding, and compelling CTAs, particularly for content viewed in larger, more relaxed CTV environments. 

Ensuring consistency across all channels, including social media, web, and mobile, is crucial to maintaining a cohesive brand message and amplifying the impact of marketing strategies, adapting effectively to the evolving media consumption landscape.


The video advertising trends of 2024 demonstrate a clear shift towards more engaging, personalized, and technically sophisticated solutions. These trends highlight the importance of integrating interactive features, contextual relevance, and accessibility into video content strategies to enhance viewer engagement and maximize advertising effectiveness. 

Brands looking to stay competitive in the dynamic market of digital advertising should consider integrating these trends into their marketing strategies. 

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