Best AI in Marketing Case Studies 2024

The rapid advancement of AI has reshaped the marketing and advertising landscape, offering amazing opportunities for brands to enhance interaction with consumers. From banking to healthcare, various industries are witnessing the significant benefits of integrating AI into their advertising strategies. 

In this article, we dive deeper into some of the most compelling AI-driven case studies that showcase the efficacy and potential of this technology.

1. JP Morgan Chase: Copywriting with AI

In the financial sector, JP Morgan Chase took a significant step forward by using AI for copywriting, a move driven by the higher effectiveness of AI-generated content. 

Partnering with Persado, a pioneering AI company, the bank ran a test and found that AI-generated copy resulted in dramatically higher engagement rates – up to twice the click-through rates of a traditional copy. Chase’s Chief Marketing Officer, Kristin Lemkau, highlighted the surprising effectiveness of AI in creating compelling copy that a human marketer might not have thought of.

This led to an impressive 450% increase in ad click-through rates, further validating Persado’s role in their ongoing marketing efforts. This case is a testament to AI’s potential to redefine norms and push the boundaries of creative content creation.

2. Novo Nordisk: AI-Optimized Email Campaigns

Pharmaceutical giant Novo Nordisk faced the challenge of communicating effectively with millions of chronic disease patients worldwide. The company turned to Phrasee to optimize the impact of its email marketing campaigns. Using natural language generation and deep learning models, Phrasee improved the performance of email subject lines, resulting in a 14% increase in click-through rates and a 24% increase in open rates. In addition, Phrasee’s integration with Adobe’s marketing automation platform enabled fast and seamless high-performance email marketing. 

Not only does this case illustrate the effectiveness of AI in improving communications with large volumes of patients, but it also highlights the importance of compliant, brand-safe messaging in the highly regulated pharmaceutical industry.

3. Instreamatic: Personalized AI-Generated Audio Ads Boosting Brand Metrics

Instreamatic, in collaboration with advertising agency dentsu, undertook a study to evaluate the performance of AI-generated audio ads for a major electronics brand.

The research revealed that personalized ads, which incorporated elements like urgency and specific calls to action, significantly outperformed generic ads. Brand favorability saw an increase of 22 percentage points in campaigns featuring personalized messaging.

This study provides valuable insights into the effectiveness of AI in crafting personalized ads that are not only engaging but also highly relevant to the audience’s context and preferences.

4. Bloomreach: Scaling Content Creation with AI

Bloomreach, an e-commerce platform, was facing a big challenge with its small content team being overwhelmed by the volume of marketing materials required. By implementing Jasper AI, the team was able to significantly reduce their workload and focus more on strategic tasks such as SEO.

The AI tool enabled the team to produce a wide range of branded, edited content, resulting in a 113% increase in blog output and a 40% increase in overall site traffic. This example shows how AI can facilitate content scalability without compromising quality, supporting broader marketing objectives.

Looking Ahead

These case studies illustrate the diverse applications and profound impact of AI across different sectors of advertising. As AI technology continues to evolve and become more sophisticated, its role in advertising is expected to grow, offering more nuanced and effective ways to engage target audiences.

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