voice ai core

Instreamatic's Voice AI Core delivers deep insights beyond the literal content of the spoken word generating intelligent brand-consumer interactions at scale
AI-driven approach
Our Voice AI Core is trained using natural-language understanding to interpret with intelligence what a user has to say
intent & emotions
Actionable understanding of the intent and emotions underlying spoken words
Provide key insights across multiple data points creating a rich profile of consumer behaviour
Seamless reporting
Real-time reporting updated to clients custom dashboard with each new response
Advanced technology
Proprietary neural-network language models enabling high accuracy transcription
insights at scale
Advanced computational linguistics and broad contextual recognition deliver clear insights from large unstructured voice data sets
Voice creates a unique ecosystem that benefits both brands and consumers. An ecosystem that allows for permissioned two-way communication, active listening and emotional engagement
A sneak peek into the voice-enabled future:

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How Voice AI is Changing Our World 

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