How Generative AI Powers a Unique Contextual Ad Experience for Each Consumer: An Interview with Instreamatic CEO

Contextual advertising offers a beacon of hope in an era of declining engagement rates across ad types. Instreamatic CEO Stas Tushinskiy knows this — and that’s why the company launched Contextual Video and Audio Ads.

Tushinskiy sat down with Unite.AI to discuss how far the brand has come, originally starting with serving audio ads for monetization and now expanding into the world of contextual advertising.

Instreamatic Contextual Ads are powered by AI to drive engagement and ROI by making every ad hyper-relevant and precisely targeted to the consumer hearing it.

“Consider a traditional 30-second audio ad spot: a hired voice actor might record a few ad copy variations at most, not enough for the listener to be particularly surprised, or to necessarily capture their attention,” Tushinskiy said. “Contextual Ads are capable of enhancing that traditional ad content, using generative AI to synthesize the same actor’s voice and automatically generate thousands of ad variations across a campaign.”

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