How Contextual Ads Drive ROI & Engagement on Connected TV

What if Connected TV ads could speak to a viewer’s unique location, viewing activities, streaming platforms, and more? With Instreamatic’s automated Contextual Ads, it’s not only possible — it’s easier than ever.

In a new MarTech Edge article, Instreamatic founder and CEO Stas Tushinskiy shares how these breakthrough ad campaigns can skyrocket engagement and ROI.

With AI, marketers can create unlimited variations of a single ad’s voiceover track mentioning relevant context for each individual viewer.

They can build a completely personalized journey including city, time of day, weather, local offers, or any other detail — without ever recording a new ad version.

“That specificity in speaking to viewers with precise knowledge and highly relevant calls to action gives brands the power to breakthrough and capture attention, whereas a conventional ad would simply go ignored,” Tushinskiy writes.

Read the full story on MarTech Edge

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