AI Ads vs. Traditional Methods: Boost Creativity, Save Time and Money

In a fast-paced business world that demands fresh content, the old ways of making ads can feel slow and cumbersome. Luckily, there’s a new method in the world of advertising that streamlines production, saves valuable resources, and gives marketers more control over the creative process: Instreamatic AI.

Saving Time and Money

Historically, ad-making takes a long time — from hiring talent to filming and editing. Instreamatic AI flips the script by helping you create hundreds of AI-generated ads in just a few minutes, so you can react quickly to what’s happening in the market and save both time and money. After all, time is money, and Instreamatic helps you keep more of both.


Making traditional ads can be pricey — you have to pay talent and edit the audio or video, which can add up fast. Rather, Instreamatic creates high-quality ads that are virtually indistinguishable from human-made ones — and at a fraction of the cost, since the process is completely automated. Now, you can make top-notch creatives without breaking the bank.

Easy Workflow

Instreamatic AI makes creating ads super simple. Just pick the type of ad you want, add creative assets, and set context details. In just a few minutes, you’ll have thousands of ads ready to go. This helps creative teams focus on the big picture and the overall marketing strategy.

Limitless Creativity

Forget about making ads one by one — Instreamatic AI can make thousands of different ads in minutes. This gives you the freedom to try different ad ideas and see what works best for your audience — a perfect method for testing and improving ad performance.

Effortless Campaign Deployment

Instreamatic AI doesn’t just simplify the ad creation process — it serves ads directly. With seamless integration, you can launch complete ad campaigns in minutes without any additional tech integration. Leveraging VAST (Video Ad Serving Template), Instreamatic AI serves ads efficiently, allowing you to optimize campaigns without any hassle. 

Ready to Get Creative with AI Ads?

If you’re excited about the idea of being more creative with your advertising strategy and want to upgrade your workflow, give Instreamatic AI a try. Experience the speed, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness that traditional advertising can’t offer.

Get in Touch

If you have questions or want to learn more about how Instreamatic AI can transform your advertising strategy, just reach out to our team. Contact us through our website at or send us an email at We’re here to help you take your advertising to the next level with the power of AI.

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