VW Voice-Enabled Ad Campaign

Instreamatic had the pleasure of working with Volkswagen on their voice ad campaign for the Caravelle Multivan model, which subsequently became the winner of the PHD Innovation Award 2019 for VW LCV (The Golden Speedometer).

Ad Creative example

Audio Tease:

“When something new appears using the best-in-class technologies, including various electronic assistants and tools, this is likely to get your interest, right? If you agree, respond after the tone.”

If Interest:

“The Volkswagen Multivan 6.1 raises the bar in its class — a new design with a digital interface featuring many electronic assistants, you can learn more in the page which will open now.”

No interest:

“Not ready to learn more now, no problem, you’ll always have the opportunity to do so. All information about the new Multivan 6.1, including the system Upconnect, allowing you to listen to your choice of music streaming services is on the Volkswagen website.”

If Silence:

“No need for words, the Volkswagen Multivan 6.1 speaks for itself, a comfortable and maneuverable, commercial-class van with an impressive array of electronic assistants, and of course, you can continue to listen to your favorite music streaming service in it”

The results


users engaged in a dialogue with the brand


the share of users who confirmed interest


CTR comprised

In the case of other responses — users were informed of the advantages of this commercial van and its convenient interface for listening to music streaming services.

These levels of engagement and the resulting interest rate for a light commercial van are indeed impressive. We‘ll continue to work with Volkswagen and other automakers as vehicle purchase remains a highly emotional decision, whereby, the use of interactive voice dialogue creative provides an order-of-magnitude improvement over linear audio ads and mobile CTRs.

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