Case Study: HP Ink Tank Takes to Voice Dialogue Advertising

Instreamatic had the opportunity to run a voice-dialogue ad campaign for the new HP Ink Tank in select markets

Ad Creative example

Audio Tease:

“Want to print your favorite photos directly from your phone in the convenience of your own home? Say “Yes” after the signal.”

If Interest:

“There is a solution. Say hello to the new HP Ink Tank. No more cartridges — only a simple spill-free refill ink tank, no mess, no waste, and you now own the most economical home printing solution. I’m opening up a page where you can learn more.”

No interest or silence:

“Just so you know, HP has the right solution — it’s an easy-to-use refill ink tank for a low-cost print with the new HP Ink Tank. Now you can print from your smartphone and save!”

The results


Engagement Rate


Interest Rate


expressed interest out of all voice responses

These performance metrics are at an unprecedented high. When compared with digital audio-only ads with similar creative, the audio ads offered a CTR of less than 1%, whereas the Voice Dialogue Ads for HP’s campaign delivered a 3.7% Interest Rate.

HP’s team was amazed and delighted by these over-the-top performance metrics. The level of engagement and commitment by listeners exposed to Voice Dialogue ads are consistently driving extremely high levels of conversion while maximizing the number of consumers joining the purchase funnel of advertised brands.

The Voice Era is here, and we’re excited to see what HP and other major household brands can now achieve as they start to build a two-way dialogue with consumers, now let’s fill up that Ink Tank and print some pics for granny.

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