Speech is the most natural and engaging way to interact with people

Simple, yet powerful solution for dialogue-based advertising

Instreamatic Voice AI Core enables media companies, advertisers and ad tech providers to engage audience in smart and fun dialogue-based advertising


You can license our platform or access it via API to leverage dialogue ad capabilities.

Power of Instreamatic


We are using natural language understanding (NLU) for training Voice AI Core. All user commands are heard and understood.

Custom Intents

We can fine-tune “intent” for a specific campaign to fit advertiser and marketer needs.

User-centric ad boost

We are constantly enhancing the ad experience and ad relevance by leveraging AI and voice data.

We understand and measure the conditions when voice-activated ads are delivered

For example, we will not serve an ad to a user in a noisy environment, where it’s impossible to interact with the ad

Seamless forecasting and reporting integration into your ad tech stack

We know how important these things are in day-to-day operations.

Connect to Voice AI Core to engage your users
in intelligent dialogue-based advertising.

Advibe - a powerful platform

A breakthrough update to your ad tech stack

Empower your advertising technology with Instreamatic’s Voice AI solution to run voice-enabled advertising.

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