AI Innovation Summit: Instreamatic CEO’s Live Pitch for Personalized Ads

At King Street Ventures‘ recent virtual AI Innovation Summit, Instreamatic CEO Stas Tushinskiy shared how personalized advertising can drive campaign success.

Personalized advertising targets users’ interests and preferences to increase engagement and conversion rates, according to Forbes.

Tushinskiy points out that personalized ad campaigns are highly effective, but the traditional approach can be a headache — often involving recording different ad versions, assigning targeting, checking for human errors, and more.

Instreamatic’s solution: using AI to create an unlimited number of audio and video ads.

“We unlock the potential to increase the performance of every single video and audio campaign in minutes — making it easier, faster, and more scalable than every before,” Tushinskiy said.

A recent case study confirmed that AI-generated ads drive key brand metrics. Instreamatic ran a recent campaign with denstu and Intel to promote Evo laptops, partnering with Veritonic afterwards to measure its success.

The results: Instreamatic’s AI-driven contextual ads boosted brand favorability by 22ppt, purchase intent by 18ppt, and brand awareness by 12ppt.

With the boundless ability to personalize ads to targeted audience segments, brands can now radically optimize media buying while saving time and money.

Watch the full presentation here.

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