New premium platforms with unique audio interface

We are stepping into the audio age where every household has an audio enabled gadget.
Instreamatic is an expert in delivering messages via voice interfaces. Voice-activated advertising is an opportunity to get the best out of the most popular mobile and voice-first platforms.
Instreamatic ad platform can serve ads on mobile platforms and on radio, podcasts, flash briefings on Alexa.

It’s time to grow your audionce on Alexa and Google Home

Reach out to us and we will help you with publishing your own Skill and Action.


Raise brand awareness in exclusive surroundings. Your message will stand out and reach the premium payable audience. Use voice response to increase engagement and add call-to-action.
Run performance based campaigns. First time for audio ads.


Instreamatic is always ahead of the game about all things audio. We offer an exclusive technology for voice-activated advertising.
With Instreamatic you can monetize your radio/podcast skill or Flash briefing on Alexa.
Grow your revenue from voice-activated ads now!


Get instant access to all your properties on Instreamatic dashboard.
Monitor, manage and create advertising campaigns, control your revenue and generate granular reports.
Everything you need at your fingertips.