SSP For Audio Ads

Audio-First Mediation Platform to Boost Ad Revenue from all sales channels.

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Works Everywhere

Mobile Apps
Alexa radio skills and flash briefings

Google Home Actions

How it works

Connect to our SSP (supply side platform) through an API or SDK

Set up your connections to any sales chanels

Grow your advertising revenue with powerful ad management, optimization and reporting capabilities

Maximize revenue

  • Advertisers compete for your inventory and drive your eCPMs higher
  • Connect to any DSP’s, agency trading desks, ad exchanges and ad networks
  • Manage all of your direct sold campaigns, cross promotions, house ads and ad networks through a single interface
Take control of your inventory
  • Set floor CPMs for any channel
  • Control the ads your audience hear with targeting and frequency capping
  • Manage sales partners via audience segmentation
Easy connection
We can connect via:
– VAST tags
– DAAST tags
– Open RTB
We understand that every publisher is different. Be you an Alexa Skill or mobile app developer, website owner or a connected car manufacturer – we will offer you the optimal integration solution.
Transparent and multifunctional
  • Accurate reporting and inventory forecasting
  • Control access for multiple stakeholders

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