Audio ads

Programmatic Audio Ad Platform
Manage your inventory with Instreamatic's audio ad platform

  • Integrating with the most effective DSP’s, Ad Networks, Trading Desks, Ad Exchanges, etc.
  • Global sales team and programmatic platform
  • Utilize our SSP option for audio ads to boost revenue from all sales channels
Efficient, reliable and full-featured ability to inject ads: client and server side
VAST, DAAST, open-source SDK, open RTB
We connect supply and demand via any popular and efficient method
Full documentation and technical support
Next Generation Ad Server and Dashboard
AdVibe: a powerful and easy-to-use dashboard to manage and report campaigns

  • Monitor all activity in real-time with live and downloadable reporting
  • Combines the ability to manage all traditional and new ad formats; audio, voice, companion banners to audio ads
  • Manage everything under a single interface
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