Join the big trend in advertising.
Use digital audio and voice-activated ads.

We pair effective advertising
with a non-disturbing user experience.

Enjoy: high-quality inventory, global reach, and creative approach to communication.

Get two tools for the price of one —
Both banner and audio for increased effect

Digital Audio delivers your message smoothly, connecting with target audience when no other format can.

Speak to each customer
on all platforms

We re-invented traditional audio advertising by offering users ability to speak with advertisement.

By using audio and voice-activated ads we can guarantee that your message is delivered to targeted audience and that you are heard.


Instreamatic Voice-Activated Ads

Instreamatic unlocks the potential of voice interfaces and brings value to both brands and developers.
Target premium audience in a new and trending communication channel to get best results:

— Grow your online sales

Spread the word about your products to Alexa users and grow your sales on Amazon.

— Promote your branded product or service

Reach exclusive and paying audience via unique marketing channel

 Top tier advertisers
already trust Instreamatic globally:


How does it work?

What you get

  • Familiar product with a measurable ROI—use your radio creatives at no extra cost to achieve better results
  • DSP for your best bids and optimized campaigns.
    Wide targeting based on geography, gender, age, and interests
  • Easy-to-use dashboard for you to manage campaigns and track statistics yourself
  • Voice-activated ads for performance focused ad campaigns
  • Led by a team with experience from both video and audio sales houses, Instreamatic is armed with insight to offer a thoughtful and cutting-edge product to our partners
  • 100% full contact with your message – no skipping and guaranteed sound
  • Аudio message up to 30sec and a display banner – all done by IAB guidelines
  • Live, detailed reporting on all activities

Instreamatic has come a long way through an audio ad sales house
and a music service. Armed with insights we offer a thoughtful
and cutting-edge product to our partners.

Let’s get started