New creative approach to branding and performance-focused ad campaigns

Voice-enabled advertising drives actual engagement as listeners are in dialogue versus monologue with the brand.

AdVibe — a voice AI platform to manage and measure dialogue-based, voice-enabled advertising.

Research and case studies suggest that virtually all listeners that engaged with voice-activated ads in any way will recall your brand. Listeners that indicated interest and received the 2nd audio component (voice AI response) and target action become highly engaged with the brand and are most likely to enter the purchase funnel.

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Every day our platform learns more and improves in understanding consumers
“intent” in the context of each and every ad campaign.

We know the difference
We know the difference

The same word spoken by users could lead to absolutely different “intents” within various ad campaigns.

Our AI Core analyzes ad creatives and consumer responses to learn and understand the specific words and phrases that are unique for each campaign. We boost the level of response and engagement to the benefit of the advertiser.

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Smart, progressive advertisers recognize the value of dialogue with their audience.

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